Hand woven Kikois

Ponki (Ponta Kikoi) is based in Ponta do Ouro.
We specialise in the weaving of the traditional East African Kikoi - in Mozambique also known as a capulana.
Using only 100% cotton yarn, our material is ideal for the hot and humid climates. The uses of the kikoi is endless. Tourists use them mainly for the beach, as an towel, or as a skirt, like many mozambican woman also do. In other parts of the African East Coast, it is also widely used among men.

Although we live in a modern world, we focus on the uniqueness of hand production.
Our main weaver, Omar Khamis comes from the Zanzibar Island and is currently training some young Mozambicans to continue this fading art. 

Our equipment is all but modern - not a single bit of the production uses electricity - making it ideal for weaving in the rural areas.

Next time when you pass through Ponta do Ouro, visit us - we are at the Petromoc filling station.